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Who We Are...

StoreBuilder.Website is a product of Nexxterra.com Web Services. Started in 2003 on the premise "there must be a better way" We have set out to try and make things simple for the average person. We believe you should not need to have a degree or pay a fortune just to get seen on the internet.

Nexxterra Web Services has provided reliable web hosting to countless websites over the years. We look at new tech and study the industry so we can bring you great products that won't cause you to go insane trying to understand them.

Sign up today and get your store online within a few hours. There will be a bit to learn, but we will be here to help you along the way.

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Why Choose Us?

Low Cost, Full Featured Shops

With a low monthly subscription and most needed features included, your costs are quite low. Your account also has email, back-ups and use your own domain included. Just $19.95 a month!

Ease Of Use

Your store comes ready to edit your information, add products and upload pictures with full instructions along the way

Reliable And Timely Support

If you need a little help along the way, the Nexxterra Web Services team is small, but you can reach us a variety of ways...even by phone!

We Become Part Of Your Team

We want you to succeed, after all, if you don't, you do not need us! We offer marketing, management and other services to help you business grow...Most are free!

Cutting Edge Technology

We use AbanteCart to build your web store. With thousands of free and low cost add ons, themes and features backed by skilled programmers, the sky is the limit.

For The Cats And Dogs...

Nexxterra Web Services is very active in the animal rescue community. Our team cares for over 60 cats and 5 dogs everyday. Not a non profit, we use some of the money we earn from you to care for these less fortunate critters.

That's Why, Now Let's Get Started!